10 Timeless Team Building Ideas


Businesses with employees should consider regular team-building exercises.

The benefits of team-building include:

  • Cultivating rapport - Allow your team members to get to know each other and build relationships.
  • Solving problems - The workplace is rife with challenges that must be overcome.
  • Collaboration skills - Work often requires partnering with at least one other person to exchange information.
  • Creativity - People may have to solve challenges in unique ways.
  • Leadership development - People may naturally assume these roles, or may be nurtured by others.
  • Employee engagement - With only a third of employees engaged in their work, team-building can help to improve that number.

Now that we know why it’s beneficial, let’s take a look at 10 timeless team-building ideas.


1. Icebreakers

Icebreakers help your teammates get to know each other. Learn more about their hobbies, family members, or accomplishments. This may be especially helpful for new employees.


2. Puzzle

Solve a jigsaw puzzle with your team, or break into multiple teams to solve different puzzles. One variation on this would be to mix up a few puzzle pieces so that different teams must retrieve their own pieces to complete the puzzle.

Or, hop on a new trend and have your company participate in an escape room. As a team is locked in a room, they must use clues given to them in order to find their way out.


3. Game

Play any game.

This could be a card game or a board game. 

Or, spice up your game for employees by customizing a trivia game about the company. 

For remote workers, play video games.


4. Scavenger Hunt

Each time must track down clues from one station to the next in order to solve a riddle.


5. Eat

Team-building doesn’t have to involve a game. Sometimes, eating is enough.

Companies can foot the bill for a catered meal.

Or, employees can turn a potluck into something of a cook-off.

No matter what you choose, food is the common denominator for this activity.


6. Retreat

Retreats are popular options for companies looking to spend a full week or merely a long weekend with their coworkers. The retreat may be located at an all-inclusive resort lining a beach, a cabin nestled in the mountains, or even a cruise.


7. Produce A Video

Most people have smartphones that are capable of capturing and editing video.

A fun way to build teams is to produce a movie or a music video. Express creativity in developing the storyline and acting, and gain skills in video production.


8. Do An Activity

Activities like go-karting or taking a field trip to a museum may be a welcome respite from work while at the same time building relationships.


9. Watch Or Play A Sport

Golf is a common pastime in business. 

Another option could be midday baseball games with your team during the spring and summer, or attending another type of game as a group. 

Other options, such as paintball, are also available.


10. Do Community Service

Coming together as a group to provide goods or services for others is a fantastic way to build teams.

One example of community service is adopting a family during Christmas. Some families fall on hard times, and having a company sponsor one of these families is a great way to foster teamwork while providing for a family in need. Split employees into small teams to buy for each family member, and then have a wrapping party complete with food and music for a festive, charitable activity.

These are just 10 ideas for building teamwork, and dozens more exist.

Pick an activity or combine several from this list for timeless, effective team-building today.

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