11 New Skills You Can Pick Up at Integrity's Learning Center

Posted by Integrity Staff on December 1, 2016 at 1:00 PM


Integrity's Learning Center and 'Integrity Connects' is dedicated to strengthening the business community by providing top-notch technology and educational resources. By sharing experience throughout the community, @ITSConnects is bringing business leaders together and helping everyone reach their goals. Whenever an opportunity arises to add a new skill, jump on it. Integrity's Learning and Collaboration Center is equipped with the tools and space needed to help you and your business thrive.   

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Here are 11 new skills you can pick up at Integrity's Learning Center: 


1. Cyber Security Awareness 

Data security starts with people. Offering Cyber Security Awareness training is Integrity's way of ensuring that every businessperson has the ability to brush up on security best practices and in doing so, help keep company data secure. 

2. Personal Development 

At first glance, calling 'Personal Development' might feel like a stretch. But, learning how to focus on and execute on personal development is absolutely a skill. At Integrity's Learning and Collaboration Center, you can learn invaluable techniques for building yourself up. 

3. General Technology

Having a deep set of general technology skills is a great way to make yourself more valuable to employers and more efficient at work. Learning how to help leverage technology to make your workday easier and your tasks faster is a win all around. 

4. Finance 

Integrity practices 'Open Book Management' and has found great success with it. Learning the ins and outs of business finance can help improve anyone's job performance. Better understanding of finance leads to greater effort and buy-in. 

5. Software Applications 

The more software skills you acquire, the easier work becomes. Software can be extremely powerful - if you're proficient. From spreadsheets to word processing to real-time collaboration tools, learning diverse software skills is a big step in career development. 

6. Marketing

How do you get your message out to its intended audience? Come to Integrity's Learning and Collaboration Center and learn new marketing techniques that can help you tell your story and demonstrate your value to prospective customers. 

7. Leadership 

Leaders are made, not born. While some people will have innate skills that help their leadership ability, leadership can be learned. At Integrity's Learning and Collaboration Center, you can learn the skills that help make leaders in business and life.

8. Productivity 

Hundreds of thousands of words are written on productivity every month worldwide. Everyone is looking for the secret to a more productive workday. With 'Integrity Connects,' you'll learn practical productivity skills that you can start using right away. 

9. Communication 

Communicating in business and life is about understanding other people. From different learning styles to different personality types, communication hinges on understanding and listening as much as talking. Learn how to more effectively communicate at Integrity's Learning and Collaboration Center. 

10. Networking 

By bringing the community together, 'Integrity Connects' is fostering an environment of collaboration and networking. Refine your networking skills by working alongside other business leaders and making valuable connections. 

11. How to Learn

If it has been a while since you've been in class, training, or school, it's entirely possible that your learning skills are rusty. 'Integrity Connects' provides educational resources that will help you get into the swing of things again. Once you've added one new skill, you'll be back for more. 


Learn a new skill for the new year at Integrity's Learning and Collaboration Center. 



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