3 Unexpected Consulting Services Integrity Offers

Posted by Integrity Staff on September 27, 2018 at 10:00 AM


As you may or may not be aware, Integrity offers a wide range of different technology consulting services. Some are rather standard, while some are more complex. You may not even be familiar with some of them because they are so uncommon.

But, just because they are hard to find doesn't mean they are hard to use.

Three particular services stand out as being relatively unique to Integrity, and once you know more about them, you will certainly want to use them for your company.

1. Corporate Policies and Procedures

It’s essential as a business owner to have your policies and procedures be aligned to the specific needs of your company, as well as adhering to the values you want to put forth. Writing these on your own can be difficult, and sometimes impossible, if you are not aware of how to create such a document.

Technology consultants at Integrity can help you create and draft these policies so that your business runs the way you want it to. Other federal or state rules and regulations would also have to be kept in mind, and they can help you with those, as well.

It is important to know what your company needs, and if you need to consult with someone, Integrity is happy to assist with any issue.


2. Open Book Management

Open book management can translate into any business setting, but for Integrity’s purposes, it is focused mainly on the technology portion of the concept.

Open book management is when employees and any member of the company/staff is kept in the loop on how the company is doing, and how the work they are doing contributes to the company’s success. Integrity can help your business create the plans for this, so that you can transition your company to being open for your employees.

The technology consultant you would work with would also be able to help you budget and keep all fiscal matters organized.


3. Succession Planning

This procedure is beneficial for the company and employees alike. Succession planning is a procedure where employees who are hired are trained specifically to fill in a particular role within the company when the current person in that position is no longer able to do so.

In short, employees are hired to fill someone’s shoes and shown how over time.

Integrity can offer this service to you, along with general employee training. Though this is more specialized and therefore can be more difficult to do, it is very much worthwhile in the long run to have an employee that is ready to work a new position at any given moment.

Now that you are aware of these unusual services offered by Integrity, it is our hope that you can use them to their fullest potential when you need them.

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