4 Options for Employee Training and Education in Bloomington

Posted by Integrity Staff on February 1, 2018 at 10:00 AM


It's easy to view 'training' as a one-time cost associated with new hires. But, that perception can come back to bite business leaders. Your team needs continuous training and education. It's an essential part of ensuring that your employees can meet the increasing demands of their roles. It also adds value to your team and serves as an incentive to work at your company, helping you retain employees. Ongoing training and continuing education are tools of personal and professional development. A well-trained team will save your business money, optimizing efficiency and minimizing mistakes. 

Training and education makes your team more capable, helps with employee retention, and saves you money. Now that you know you need to do it, let's look at your options for employee training and education in Bloomington, IL:


1. Internal Courses/Training Sessions

The most obvious choice is putting together internal courses or training sessions for your employees. It sounds simple, but more often than not, it doesn't happen. The reason is that most leadership teams have plenty on their plates as is and this is a task that is most definitely easier said than done. More than that, it can be difficult to gather the resources necessary to execute on an internal training program. Does your business have the technology to pull it off? Do you have the time to build a program? If either answer is unclear, you can start to see why it's challenging to offer training and education internally. 


2. Online Courses 

Online courses are always available and do offer convenience and mobility, but don't offer much in the way of collaboration. It can be hard to monitor progress and take a hands-on approach when all training and education is happening online. It can be an effective tool, but doesn't allow for the team building environment that other options do. Online courses can also vary wildly in cost, making it harder to plan and budget for your program. 


3. Local College Courses

Bloomington/Normal is home to Illinois State University, Illinois Wesleyan University, Heartland Community College, and more. Each of those institutions offer a wide array of general interest courses and full-blown academic programs. In this case, you'd either have to ask your team to help cover the costs of attending or budget considerably for the cost. Taking classes at an college or university would require enrollment, class materials (like textbooks, etc.) and more. It'd be valuable education and could serve as career training, but it'd be both costly and exceedingly complicated to execute. 


4. Intregrity's Learning and Collaboration Center

Integrity's Learning and Collaboration Center is conveniently located and geared specifically toward employee training and education. The driving initiative, 'Integrity Connects,' is all about connecting businesses to the resources they need to be successful. With a full offering of courses designed to help expand your team's skill set and build relationships in the business community, Integrity's Learning and Collaboration Center can serve several interests at once. It's an ideal place to network, collaborate, train & learn. Fully loaded with all of the technology and resources your team will need, Integrity's Learning Center is a local resource you should be taking advantage of. 


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