4 Tips For Improving Tech Security in Decatur

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If you have decision-making power at a business in Decatur, you have a lot of responsibility. You're tasked with making choices on some of the greater challenges your company will face. Take tech security, for example. Tech security is one of the top issues in business because a poor tech security strategy can lead to enormous cost - something most businesses can't afford. If you have a spot at the table, it means you need to make your voice heard about your company's tech security needs. What should you speak up about? How can you help?

Keep reading for 4 critical tips for improving tech security in Decatur: 


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1. Get an IT Risk Assessment to identify areas for improvement

When you're looking to revamp your tech security strategy, start with an IT Risk Assessment from a Managed Security Services Provider that knows the Decatur area and business community. A professional assessment will help you recognize your overall needs and identify specific vulnerabilities that need to be addressed. Before you can update your IT security strategy, it's important to know where to start. A risk assessment can provide a roadmap for the entire process, helping you see what the next steps look like in the short-term and long-term. 


2. Evaluate best practices and current policies 

After you've had an assessment and have a better idea of what you'll need to do, take a look at your current strategy, best practices, and policies. You'll almost certainly recognize a few areas that can be quickly improved. Take a closer look at policies involving mobile data security, password strength (do you use a password manager? Do you require multi-factor authentication?), and data permissions. Take stock of how often your hardware and software is updated and how that affects your security. If there are policies that can be updated immediately, take care of those first. 


3. Communicate security needs and emphasize importance 

As you start updating policies and moving toward a full revamp of your overall security strategy, be sure that you're communicating those changes to your team. It's important to cover what's happening, but maybe even more important to cover why it's happening. Tech security in Decatur is an all-hands-on-deck endeavor and without buy-in from each member of your team, your strategy will be more difficult to execute. Take the time to emphasize the importance of tech security to the overall health and success of the business. 


4. Partner with an MSSP for Security Awareness programming 

Staying on the topic of your team: building and maintaining security awareness is key. Security awareness programming can help keep your team sharp and informed. Many security breaches occur because of human error. Cyber criminals try hard to force mistakes and trick people into parting ways with sensitive data. Strong security awareness programming can help minimize the chances of that happening, empowering employees and keeping your business secure. Partner with an MSSP who has a track record of delivering excellent results. 



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