5 Reasons to Visit Integrity's Learning Center

Posted by Integrity Staff on September 1, 2016 at 10:00 AM


Integrity's new Learning and Collaboration Center is designed to bring business leaders and community members together, in a joint push for prosperity and growth in the Bloomington-Normal area and beyond! This is a space for local businesses to get together and collaborate on strong ideas that will benefit everyone. Why should you visit the new 'Integrity Connects' Learning and Collaboration Center?

Here are 5 reasons that will have you planning your visit soon:


1. Stay Connected 

Networking is an essential part of a healthy business community. Integrity is looking to make networking easier and more available than ever before. You will have the opportunity to join small groups or sit on executive roundtables. These types of opportunities will give you the ability to exchange ideas with other business leaders in your community, fostering important connections that will be mutually beneficial for all involved. Establishing valuable contacts is one of the keys to collaboration.

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2. Develop Your Business 

Finding time to focus on developing your business - truly digging in and examining the inner machinations of your company - is challenging. With a visit to Integrity's Learning Center, you'll have the time and the structure you need to ask and answer your toughest business questions. You can take courses in marketing, communication, productivity, business development, and other topics that will strengthen your company and give you practical guidance for growing your business. 

3. Stay Ahead on Technology 

Technology cannot be an afterthought in today's business environment. Integrity's Learning and Collaboration Center offers training sessions in general technology, applications, cyber security awareness, and many more tech-based courses that will bring your attention to the issues that are important to your business. Integrity is dedicated to helping every business get a better handle of technology and its Learning Center is another example of community outreach designed to educate and empower. 

4. Develop Yourself 

Just as it's hard to find time to focus on business development, it's even harder to find time to focus on personal development. Visiting Integrity's Learning and Collaboration Center is an effective way to set aside concrete time to work on personal development. You can take courses on leadership, communication, and general personal development. As you work to develop personal skills, you'll be doing it alongside other business leaders who are doing the same, fostering community. 

5. Reserve For Your Event 

After spending time at Integrity's Learning and Collaboration Center, you'll find that it's the perfect space for hosting educational events, training, seminars, collaboration events, and more. Fortunately, Integrity's space is available for your business to reserve for events of its own. Fully equipped with the latest technology and the best resources available, Integrity's Learning and Collaboration Center is ready for your next event!


'Integrity Connects' and it's time that you participated in a business environment that is putting collaboration and learning at the forefront. Visit Integrity's Learning and Collaboration Center soon and see all of the opportunities that are available now.

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