5 Ways to Uncover Your Work Personality and Why It Matters


Have you ever thought about how you like to work?

If not, you might want to think about taking a personality assessment.

Use one (or several) to uncover your work personality.

Once you do, you can see why it matters to you and your team.

The most important thing to remember about personality assessments is that you cannot fail. “It's just who you are,” says David C. Baker. “It's not good or bad.”

Here are five ways you can uncover your work personality.



The DISC Profile assesses the degree to which a person is geared toward Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness.

Baker has found that DISC is the most understandable for those who take it.

“While I give up just a little bit of accuracy with DISC, the charts are knowable,” he says. “You know what they mean. They make sense.”

In other words, Baker says the results don’t require an expert interpreter.

“The last thing you want is somebody feeling like somebody else knows something about them that they don't know themselves.”



On the same podcast, consultant Blair Enns talks about using the OXICON written interview.

The assessment doesn’t measure aptitude. “Rather,” says its website, “an OXICON profile portrays the major motivational characteristics found in all people and allows you to see how your candidates score against objective criteria.”

Enns says that “one of the significant drawbacks of (OXICON) is it's not accessible at all. It basically gives you four numbers, and it gives you a couple of sentences that are triggered by whether your number is above or below 50. A change in score of one point can trigger the opposite language.”


3. Kolbe

Like OXICON, Kolbe also yields four numbers.

Its purpose is to identify “natural talents, and (match) them with job tasks and supervisor's expectations.”


4. Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

Arguably the most well-known assessment, the MBTI serves many functions.

In the workplace, knowing a person’s type can help him or her with, among other things:

  1. managing others
  2. development of leadership skills
  3. conflict resolution
  4. executive coaching
  5. change management


5. Zodiac Signs

While horoscopes may lack the scientific proof backing many of these other assessments to reveal your work personality, many people believe in them.

Writer Liv McConnell compiled many of the traits seen in each of the zodiac signs.

People who are Aries are natural-born leaders, while those who identify as a Sagittarius tend to make for cheery coworkers.


Why Work Personality Matters

No matter what assessment you use, understanding your work personality matters for three critical reasons.

  • It helps you better understand your team. Businesses that use these or other personality assessments may display these assessments throughout the office or online. Each employee, for example, may display the results of their assessment at their desk. That way, coworkers may get a better idea of how the person thinks and works.
  • It helps you better understand yourself. If you are looking for a new job, consider taking a personality assessment. The Motley Fool suggests understanding “strengths and weaknesses about yourself” as you enter the job market.  
  • It’s a starting point. Executive coach Jean Greaves says personality profiles are not an end game. Instead, they are a conversation-starter in order to determine an action plan.

There are many more personality tools out there to help you understand yourself better. Take one of these or another one of your choosing, and learn how to be a better worker.

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