Five Benefits of Continuing Education for Your Business


One of the hardest business expenses to justify when budgeting can be training and education for employees. When a budgetary line item doesn't directly affect your revenue, it can be tough to decide to invest in it. Investing in your employees through a continuing education program is an important step toward growing your business. Below are some reasons that you should consider implementing a continuing education program in your organization.


1. Increased Productivity and Efficiency

This is one of the strongest reasons to invest in continuing education for your organization. It is a simple concept: the more a person becomes skilled at their job, the more work that can be done in less time. Sounds pretty straightforward, right? This can create a cascading effect for your organization where efficiencies gained in one area or deparment can inform and positively effect other business segments. This Gartner Research study asserts that for every 1 hours spent on employee training, 5 hours of productivity are saved per year.

2. Employee Retention

Millennials are now the largest generational group in the U.S. workforce, at about 1-in-3. A recent Gallup Research report on Millennials makes a fantastic point: 

Millennials are not pursuing job satisfaction — they are pursuing
development. Most millennials don’t care about the bells and whistles
found in many workplaces today — the pingpong tables, fancy latte
machines and free food that companies offer to try to create job
satisfaction. Giving out toys and entitlements is a leadership mistake,
and worse, it’s condescending. Purpose and development drive
this generation.

Showing ALL of your organization's employees that you are willing to invest in them with continuing education and professional development programs is an effective way to improve employee retention, especially with the generation shift in workforce that we are experiencing. 

3. Cross-training and Coverage

Another effective means of using training to improve your organization is through the lens of cross-training. How many times have you come across a situation in your office where a task needs to be done, but the lone person that knows how to complete is out sick or on vacation (or even worse, has left the organization)? Making sure that roles in your company have at least one "backup person" make your organization much more resistant to delays in tasks and projects.

Cross-training your employees also can help employees themselves move up their career path. Acting as an "understudy" in a role in your organization is a great way to facilitate promotions and role changes, which both make positive impacts on overall organizational morale.

Job shadowing is an effective method for cross-training, because it benefits both parties. Cross-training can help a trainer better understand their own role by going through the process of explaining it. The trainee may offer suggestions from outside the role (the ever-useful "second set of eyes") that could improve effectiveness.

4. Reduced Costs

Besides increasing productivity, increased job profiency through continuing education can also lead to reduced costs. This can be realized through multiple scenarios:

  • Reduced downtime (fewer problems)
  • Fewer mistakes that require redone work
  • Less employee turnover
  • Can get more work down with the same number of employees

5. Passion and Purpose

Fostering a culture of continuous learning and professional development is a critical piece in demonstrating to your employees that you recognize them as people with hopes, dreams, and convictions. Per a Gallup Research report, “For millennials, work must have meaning. They want to work for organizations with a mission and a purpose.”

A learning and development culture encourages your employees to get better which will in turn make your organization better. A learning and development culture promotes growth, awareness, and an opportunity to focus on learning and developing the strengths of your employees. Think about it, if your employees are set up for success and grow within your organization, they will stay with you. Providing opportunities for your employees to discover their passions and aligning it with their job duties creates purpose. And when every member of your team is aware of their purpose, anything is possible.


Here at Integrity Technology Solutions, we strive to be more than your IT support that fixes things when there are problems. We are dedicated to improving the way your organization does business. Investing in continuing education for your employees is one of the ways Integrity can help your organization improve.

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