Why You Need to Find Security Awareness Training in Bloomington


Some things in business are 'wants.' You want comfortable desk chairs, plenty of natural light in the office, and a well-stocked fridge in the break room. Security Awareness training isn't a want. It's a need. You need to find Security Awareness training in Bloomington. Cyber security is a top issue in business and will continue to be for the foreseeable future. Ignoring security isn't an option. The consequences of doing so are too great. One of the best ways to defend your business against cyber attacks is to make sure that your team is properly trained. That's where Security Awareness training and programming come in.

Bloomington is a growing, bustling business community. When your team is busy, it can be easy to overlook some security best practices. That's why continuous Security Awareness training is a must in today's landscape. Keeping your team aware will help them minimize mistakes and guard your private data. Here are a few security aspects that Security Awareness training can cover:



Phishing is a type of social engineering scam, meant to take advantage of your team's good nature. Cyber criminals will pose as familiar authority figures or another trusted entity and send an email requesting private data or access to your network. If your team isn't exercising skepticism and looking out for this kind of attack, it's likely that they'd hand over data without a second thought. Cyber criminals are counting on catching people in a relaxed state, hoping they'll hand over the data or access without taking a closer look. Security Awareness training can teach your team what to watch out for, what kinds of requests are appropriate, and what to do when they receive a Phishing email. 


Suspicious Requests 

Along the same lines as Phishing, many cyber criminals make suspicious requests across all kinds of mediums. From the phone to social media, cyber criminals look to create whatever confusion or panic is necessary to trick people into handing over data or access. They might leave a voicemail claiming to represent the IRS. They may concoct a blackmail scheme of some sort, threatening your team with the release of personal information unless they comply. No matter what shape these kinds of scams come in, your team needs to be prepared to take a deep breath, step back, and evaluate what's happening. Security Awareness training can keep your team ready to identify and thwart these kinds of attacks.



Ransomware is intended to cause panic in your workplace. One errant click or ill-advised download and ransomware can lock up a computer, which is followed by a demand for money. Cyber criminals will threaten to destroy your business data unless your team pays up. Even if you pay, there's no guarantee that the data will be released. It's always risky to negotiate with criminals. The best way to combat ransomware is to avoid it altogether. The best way to do that, is to condition your team to be safe online. Security Awareness training can help your team steer clear of suspicious links, turn down risky downloads, and prevent cyber criminals from gaining access to your network.


Password Strength

Security Awareness can help ensure that your business does the little things well when it comes to security. That's important, because it turns out, the "little things" aren't that little. For example, choosing strong passwords sounds like a small detail, but it can be the difference between a successful or unsuccessful cyber attack. Security Awareness training emphasizes these things and keeps your team aware of best practices at all times. Your team will choose stronger passwords, utilize multi-factor authentication, and leverage password vaults. All of a sudden, your first line of defense becomes stronger and that lifts your entire security strategy up. 

It's time to find Security Awareness training in Bloomington. The security and prosperity of your business depends on it.


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