Learn About Data Security with Community Education Classes


Security Awareness training. It can be what separates a vigilant and prepared workforce from a liability. People are considered the biggest threat to data security. But people aren't often acting out of malice. They don't know any better. From downloading suspicious e-mail attachments, to falling for Phishing scams, to carelessly handling critical data, employee error is most often responsible. But, an honest mistake can potentially cost the company dearly. 

For businesses who don't currently have Security Awareness curriculum in place (or the time, money, and resources to execute on it), they should point employees in the direction of community education classes. If that sounds like you, find a conveniently located Learning and Collaboration Center and encourage employees and leadership to seek out training and education on data security. Community education classes are an excellent resource for continuing education and more information on the topics that matter most to businesses like yours. 

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These are a few benefits of attending community education classes at a full-fledged Learning and Collaboration Center:



With topics like data security and Security Awareness, it's important to have many voices in the room. Cybercrime is on the rise and business leaders all over are collaborating on the best strategies to protect sensitive data and preserve privacy. Working alongside other business leaders and sharing strategies is an excellent way to discover new ideas and help your business thrive as the technology landscape continues to shift. Collaboration promotes new ideas, better practices, and a stronger business community. 


As the world changes, businesses need to follow suit. Education makes that possible. Because falling behind isn't an option, businesses should always be learning. For every advance in technology, there is an advance in cybercrime to exploit it. Modern businesses need to be a step ahead and make sure that company data remains secure. Access to community education classes puts that goal in reach and is something that all businesses should be taking advantage of. Whether the topic is security or Microsoft Office 365, the opportunity to sharpen skills is invaluable. 


When it comes to data security, all those in the business community share the same goal: protecting data. No one wins when hackers do. Fostering community within business is important and so is the networking that takes place in a Learning and Collaboration Center. Networking not only helps businesses band together to combat cybercrime, it also has numerous general benefits for businesses. A business community that is well connected is stronger. Joining together in a Learning and Collaboration Center for continued education is an excellent way to build that strength. 


Taking community education classes can empower a team and equip it with the skills and education necessary to minimize security risks and keep private business data safe. If your employees are interested in continued education opportunities, get in touch today.


Use our Data Security Checklist to evaluate your company's security standards:

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