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The Ethics of AI in Healthcare and Finance Organizations

According to one recent study, in 2022 alone, about 53% of all global IT companies reported some level of "acceleration" of AI adoption over the previous two years.

What's Required For An Annual HIPAA IT Risk Assessment?

For 13 years running, the most expensive data breaches recorded have been in the healthcare...

3 Immediate Benefits of Implementing Copilot in Healthcare and Financial Organizations

In the fast-paced digital world that we're living in, we've seen a lot of "tech trends" come and go...

Enhancing Data Protection In An AI-Enabled Workspace

Improving the customer experience.

Copilot, AI And The Risk Of Data Breaches

According to one recent study, about 41% of small companies say that they're currently developing...

Compliance and Confidentiality with Microsoft 365’s Copilot

In industries like healthcare and finance, compliance and a general adherence to regulatory...

Password Strength: Audit Your Accounts Today

If you don’t want to fall victim to a cybersecurity incident, you need a strong password.

Navigating the Security Landscape of AI in Microsoft 365

According to one recent study, the average cost of a cyber attack (and the resulting losses) on a...

What We Know About The White House Cybersecurity Strategy And Their Consideration Of A Federal Cyber Insurance Backstop

In the cyber insurance industry, there is a growing need for regulation and regulatory compliance.

How To Use Microsoft Defender For Office 365

As working from anywhere and everywhere becomes increasingly easier, so do cyberthreats.