New Year's Resolution: Pick Up a New Skill at Integrity's Learning Center


A New Year's Resolution? On January 26th? YES. Even if January is nearing its end, 2017 is just beginning and your goals shouldn't be confined to a few weeks. In fact, if 'learn a new skill' didn't make your list of resolutions, it was just a first draft. You can learn something (or several things) at Integrity's Learning and Collaboration Center (@ITSConnects). Take advantage of the space and opportunity to expand your skillset this year. 

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Continuing to learn new things is a wise way to build your career prospects and grow your business. Below are a few more things to consider about learning something new at Integrity's Learning and Collaboration Center:


There's still time 

The end of January doesn't have to signal the end of goal-setting. There's still time to make a New Year's Resolution. As you decide on goals for this year, consider adding 'learning a new skill' to the list. By coming to Integrity's learning center, you're giving yourself access to classes and information that can lead to both personal and professional development. It's challenging to set aside time to focus on developing yourself personally or professionally. Running or helping to run a business is incredibly taxing and it can be impossible to grab the free time that you need. Integrity's Learning and Collaboration Center is a space dedicated to those goals. 

Learn a new skill or several 

When you visit Integrity's Learning and Collaboration Center, you are bound to take away a new skill or several. Featuring a robust course offering, you can pick and choose the areas that you want to focus on. Integrity's Learning and Collaboration Center offers courses in cyber security awareness, software applications (including many new Microsoft platforms), leadership, productivity, finance, and many more. With a visit to the learning center, you'll gain new business insight and get a better handle on the technology that powers your business. It's the perfect location to add to your skillset and learn how to best grow your business. 

Collaborate and succeed 

In addition to education, Integrity's Learning and Collaboration Center offers networking opportunities, bringing business leaders together to share experience and work towards mutual goals. The aim is to give business leaders the resources they need to effectively network and collaborate. When leaders join forces, it results in a stronger business community for all. With executive roundtables and small groups, there is every opportunity to both teach and learn. Integrity's learning center is equipped with the latest technology and ample space for everything from classes to bigger events. For those interested, it can even be reserved. 


Ready to fulfill your new resolution and learn a new skill at Integrity's Learning and Collaboration Center? Contact Integrity today and learn how you can get started.

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