4 Important Tech Security Measures You Are Not Taking


As technology helps businesses improve, grow, and innovate, it also leads to an inevitable and unavoidable consequence: cybercrime. 

Unfortunately, those looking to commit crime adapt to their surroundings. Businesses are now dependent on data storage and as a result, crime resulting in data breaches has grown dramatically in the last few years. For businesses, it's vital to implement tech security measures that will prevent and thwart this type of crime. 

Here are 4 tech security measures you need to be taking right now:


1. Consistently Back Up Your Data 

Your business may back up data occasionally, but it's important to back up data frequently and consistency. In addition to cybercrime, a disaster of any kind could befall your network and equipment and take your important data with it. Any data that's not backed up can't be considered secure. Don't take a lax approach to backing up data. It's the difference between successful recovery and starting over. 


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2. Keep Antivirus Software Current

Like backing up data, many companies have antivirus software. But, is it up to date? Cybercrime stays current, so your preventative software need to also. Talk to a team of IT professionals who can recommend and install the latest and most effective antivirus software on your network machines. Antivirus and anti-malware software is an effective way to add important security behind the scenes. 


3. Use a Password Manager + Two-Factor Authentification 

Passwords are hard for employees to remember and easy for criminals to guess. That's why using a password manager and two-factor authentification whenever available is ideal. A password manager is a tool that stores all of your access credentials behind one 'master password.' That way, you're responsible for remembering one strong complicated password instead of several. 

Two-factor authentification requires that you confirm your identity in two ways instead of one. That one extra step makes a significant impact on deterring cybercrime. Criminals will always go after the most vulnerable companies. Implementing two-factor authentification helps ensure you won't be among them. 


4. Train Employees to Watch for Social Engineering Attacks 

'Social Engineering' has become one of the most effective ways to steal data. Criminals impersonate (via e-mail, the phone, etc.) someone within the company and request sensitive information. This is known as 'phishing.' It takes advantage of people's relationships with their coworkers and supervisors, impersonating someone trusted with intent to do harm. Train your employees to be wary of all communications and to use extreme caution whenever handling or sending sensitive data. 

Training employees on tech security is one of the best things you can do to prevent data breaches. Knowing to watch out for phishing, avoid suspicious e-mails and links, etc. can make all the difference in preventing attacks. 


If your company isn't taking the above security measures, it's time to take a harder look at your data security strategy. Reach out to a team of IT professionals that has the experience necessary to help mold your strategy to keep your business secure.




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