Easily Budget For Annual Tech Needs with a Managed Services Provider


Q: What does technology have in common with Major League legend Sandy Koufax?

A: They both throw fearsome curveballs.

In Koufax's case, it terrorized hitters and got him enshrined in the Hall of Fame.

The curveballs technology throws at businesses can be just as terrifying, but won't end in celebration. In fact, technology can be so unpredictable, it's almost impossible to budget for accurately. That can leave a business in a lurch - either spending over budget or going without critical technology (equipment, personnel, or otherwise). Both of those options are best avoided.

To more easily and accurately budget for annual technology needs, businesses should consider a managed services provider. Using an MSP is the perfect way to know - from the start - what your technology expenditures will look like and what costs might occur should you need a greater scope of services than you initially signed on for. Either way, you'll have a much better idea of your technology budget and you'll have more peace of mind throughout the year.

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Here is how MSPs make budgeting for technology easier:

Set Costs

Because we're using 'curveball' as shorthand for 'unforeseen need/cost,' it should be obvious that one of the chief benefits of signing on with an MSP is: no curveballs. On their own, businesses can only do their best to predict and account for technology needs. Even with a single IT person or a small internal IT staff lending suggestions, it's still unlikely that a business will know, during the budgeting process, what they'll need during the year or how much it will cost. A managed services provider will. An MSP can see, from the onset, what a business will need and can give a set cost for providing it. That gives businesses a clear line item for the budget, instead of a guess that could turn out to be perilously inaccurate.

Known Capabilities

In addition to a set cost, an MSP also provides known capabilities. Instead of hoping that in-building resources can handle unforeseen technology needs, opting for an MSP is a way to know with certainty that the task will be covered. In-house, if an unbudgeted need arises, businesses might find that they lack the equipment, training, or capabilities to meet it. That can generate even more hidden costs, making up for whatever is lacking. By partnering with a managed services provider, you'll know exactly what services they can provide and what resources they have available from the first few times you meet.

Business Consulting

In addition to the business technology services provided, many MSPs will be able to serve as de facto consultants for that side of your business. That can be an invaluable resource as you approach budgeting and general planning for your business. Having a team of technology professionals available to you is a huge asset. You'll not only be receiving a service, but also insight on why the technology solutions provided are the best fit for your business. That can lead to a better overall understanding of how technology affects your business and what aspects you should be paying closer attention to. An MSP can make budgeting for your annual technology needs easier. But, they can also serve as a trusted ally in long-term business planning.

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