What Are The Benefits Of Cloud Computing In Clinical Healthcare?


Are you an IT manager within the clinical healthcare setting? Now more than ever—when factors like reimbursement, security, privacy, and accessibility are all the more essential for medical facilities—using cloud computing services can benefit anyone involved in your facility, from providers to patients.

Wondering why? Here are seven benefits of storing and accessing your company data over an internet-based network via cloud computing, instead of on local storage via a computer hard drive.


7 Benefits of Cloud Computing for the Clinical Healthcare Setting


1. Cloud Computing Integrates All Your Healthcare Setting's Needs

As IT professionals, you and your team must help organize, streamline, and protect multiple functionalities within your organization. This includes, but isn't limited to, clinical, administrative, community outreach, and financial functions.

Cloud-based solutions can make your IT department more effective by allowing you to efficiently optimize and integrate these functions from multiple access points while gaining real-time feedback from interdepartmental team members.


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2. Cloud Computing Encourages Interdisciplinary Collaboration

The healthcare industry has always relied on the input and collaboration between multiple disciplines. But as our country's reimbursement model moves toward value-based rather than fee-for-service payments, the ability of an organization to efficiently coordinate care between different doctors, specialties, departments, and even outside referrals is essential.

Cloud computing supports this kind of fast and secure collaboration—which can translate to better continuity of care and improved patient outcomes.


3. Cloud Computing Contains Cost

Moving your clinical healthcare system's data storage to a cloud-based computing system can realize cost savings by:

  • Prohibiting the need to buy and maintain pricey on-site or off-site hardware and equipment
  • Customizing your cloud server based on your organization's needs
  • Enhancing patient care across multiple disciplines (see the previous point)
  • Reducing the financial impact associated with lost data, prolonged downtime during updates, and security breaches


4. Cloud Computing Promotes Data Security and Privacy

An intelligent and efficient network storage system provides the essential checks and balances your clinical setting needs to remain in compliance with industry standards like HIPAA. And with better security for things like electronic health records, your company is less vulnerable to costly breaches which can be severely damaging not just to your system's sensitive data but also to your brand reputation.


5. Cloud Computing is Endlessly Scalable

As your healthcare organization expands, so too will your data storage and accessibility needs. In our customers' experience, these iterative upgrades are much less costly (and much less confusing) when available through a cloud-based computing network, which are inherently easier to scale, modify, and personalize than local hardware systems. What's more, artificial intelligence through cloud technology can enhance efficiencies and performance. 


6. Cloud Computing Supports Online Learning and Personnel Education

In most clinical settings, personnel from multiple departments require ongoing training, continuing education, and troubleshooting on new equipment, procedures, policies, and so on. The various programs that support these initiatives can require massive amounts of data, which cloud computing systems are well-equipped to handle safely.


7. Cloud Computing Keeps You Competitive

Internet accessibility (think: patient portals, online appointment scheduling, secure messaging, etc.) is no longer a luxury in the medical industry—patients and providers increasingly expect and rely on these modern features as a way to optimize care, save time, and improve the overall healthcare experience. By transitioning to cloud services (or updating the cloud computing system you currently have), you can help your organization remain competitive without forcing you to get bogged down with clunky, outdated servers.


Is Your Organization Ready to Shift to Cloud Computing?

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