Why Illinois Businesses Need Cyber Security Awareness Training


Companies across Illinois need to implement Cyber Security Awareness Training. Businesses share many challenges. Every business wants to keep costs low, keep efficiency high, and stay competitive in the market. But, there is another, less obvious, challenge that all companies share: the threat of cyber crime. Cyber crime is increasing, but the majority of businesses nationwide aren't responding appropriately. Without an increase in security measures, businesses are left vulnerable and become a prime target for criminals looking to steal data. 

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What Cyber Criminals Do

Cyber criminals often attempt to steal private company data by deceiving employees. Specifically, they engage in social engineering schemes like phishing. Phishing preys on the trusting nature of people. The criminal poses as an authority or other trusted entity (like a popular website) and simply asks for sensitive data. Thinking the data is in good hands, employees often send what was asked for, no questions asked. Combating social engineering crimes, then, is all about awareness. While some cyber crime can be fought with software (like anti-virus) or technology, cyber criminals are now bypassing those defenses by exploiting good-natured people. The best defense against it is a team that knows what to look for and knows to remain skeptical of any and all requests for private data. 

What You Can Do To Stop Them

Businesses in Illinois that are looking to improve security should start with Cyber Security Awareness Training. If you own an Illinois business or are a part of one, it's time to act. A vigilant team can be the difference between losing data (and customers ... and reputation ... and money ... and more) and effectively thwarting cyber crime. Cyber criminals, like all criminals, prefer that crime is easy. It's every business owner's job to make life as difficult as possible on them. If you can train your team to spot social engineering schemes and avoid them, your business instantly becomes a less attractive target. Seek out Cyber Security Awareness Training opportunities and make sure that your team understands the importance of staying informed on security issues. Cyber crime will continue to increase, so business data security needs to follow suit. 

Illinois businesses can't afford to ignore data security. The cost is too steep and the resources are available. Whether in Bloomington area, Champaign area, Decatur area, Springfield area, or elsewhere, Illinois businesses should look to implement Cyber Security Awareness Training today. Don't let a lack of awareness in your business lead to data loss. Inform and empower your team and thwart crime before it can do damage. 


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