Are You Ready for the iOS 8 Upgrade?


So you just noticed that your iPhone is prompting you to update to the latest software version, iOS 8, and you’re wondering, should I do it?  The answer is: eventually. 

The answer to upgrading to iOS 8 now vs. later depends on your disposition toward technology. 


Reasons to Upgrade to iOS 8 now:

Want the latest and greatest features today

Like to play with technology and explore new capabilities

Don’t mind dealing with a few issues with app compatibility

Don’t mind researching issues with performance or battery problems

Have a couple hours to spend upgrading your device


Reasons to wait a month before upgrading to iOS 8:

Want things to “just work”

Don’t want to deal with too many changes at once

Weren’t happy when you upgraded to iOS 7 last year

Rely heavily on LinkedIn or Dropbox apps

Use a Mac and want to use the new integrated features for Mac after they are released in Oct.


iOS 8 has a lot of great features to offer and eventually, everyone will be using it.  With any significant software update, there are always bugs and issues.  There are very frequently compatibility issues with other apps right after the release.  In fact, there are currently app compatibility issues with the LinkedIn app and Dropbox.  If you use those apps, you may want to wait until they sort out the issues.  It won’t take too long.


Forbes has a nice summary of the top new features in the iOS 8 upgrade:


If you want to be safe, then wait for 8.01 to be released.  Typically, Apple releases a bugfix release within a month or so after a major release.  Overall the pace of upgrades to iOS 8 have been significantly slower than after iOS 7 was released.  This is most likely due to some of the issues people experienced after upgrading to iOS 7, so they are little gun-shy about upgrading this time.


Overall, experiences with iOS 8 have been good for most users, other than the long download time on day 1, slower performance on older devices like the iPhone 4s, and app compatibility for a few apps.   


If you are itching to pull the trigger, then go for it.  Many of us at Integrity have already upgraded, so we can test it out, and be ready to provide Managed IT Services to our clients in Bloomington and all of Central Illinois.


If you like to have the latest and greatest, don’t mind hitting a few bumps in the road, and know how to deal with them, then go ahead and upgrade now.  If you want things to “just work” and aren’t looking for change, then you might want to wait until next month before upgrading.

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