Automate your phone: Discover the world of IFTTT


Do you ever stop to think how often you use your phone in a day? If you are like me, it’s more important than my laptop! There are hundreds of ways to make your mobile devices more efficient, and that is what I’ll be blogging about on our website. I’ll post tips and tricks for using smartphones and tablets, reviews of new devices, and even post about some useful apps.

That brings me to one of my favorite apps on my smartphone, IFTTT. It sounds silly (it’s pronounced like “gift” without the “g”), but it can be an extremely powerful tool that makes your phone work for you. IFTTT lets you automate tasks on your phone, for free, with one simple statement:




IFTTT can connect to over 100 different Channels, some examples of which are Facebook, email, Evernote, Weather, and LinkedIn. One Channel is the Trigger, and another is the Action. The whole statement makes up a recipe. Here’s a few recipes that I myself use:

  • Send me a text message in the morning when there is rain in the forecast
  • Put my phone on vibrate when I arrive at the office
  • Save photos that I upload to Facebook to Google Drive as backup

There are tens of thousands of pre-made recipes in the app’s recipe area. You can create new recipes yourself as well to save or share with others. You can find it on the App Store, Google Play, and the Windows Phone Store. Try it out!

Do any of you use IFTTT already? Leave a comment with your impressions!

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