Uninstall Java Now!


Java is the #1 security threat on most PC’s today. Java is the top software used by online criminals to gain unauthorized access to systems and data.


According to the 2014 Annual Security Report from Cisco Systems, 91% of all web based threats come from the exploitation of Java security flaws. In fact, Oracle, the maker of Java, released 20 security fixes last month. That was on top of the dozens of other Java security flaws that were repaired earlier this year. The target is too large for attackers to ignore.

Am I at risk?

  • Do you ever visit Yahoo, NBC, or another website that has advertisements?
  • Do you ever get a popup asking you to update Java?
  • Have you used a Mac with a Java website?

Having provided IT Services in Central Illinois for over 20 years, we can say that almost everyone can answer yes to one of these questions. Nearly every computer has Java installed on it, but many people do not realize they are at risk. If you are an Integrity Managed Services client, you have probably heard us ask if you really need Java, if we can remove it, or if we can update it to the latest version.

What should I do?

  • Uninstall Java now
  • If you find a website that actually requires Java, then you can easily reinstall it at www.java.com
  • If you know you need Java regularly, then update to the latest version by visiting www.java.com and keep your Java installation up to date

Most people rarely need Java anymore. There are several notable exceptions that require Java, but if you are holding on to Java “just in case,” then the time is right to remove it. Chances are, you will never miss it and you just increased the security of your computer dramatically in one fell swoop.

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