Don't Install Security Updates Yet!

It may seem contrary to everything you have read about keeping your computer secure and up to date, but this month, it is true. You need to wait for a while before installing the latest round of Microsoft Security Updates. Normally Integrity recommends applying security updates in a timely fashion, but in this case, the August updates are causing other serious computer crashes.


Microsoft has recalled multiple security updates because they caused serious computer problems including full system crashes for some users. The updates were released last week by Microsoft.

What should I do?

  • Uninstall Microsoft Security Update 2982791 (aka MS14-045)
  • Visit Microsoft site for how to recover if you are experiencing an issue with this update:
  • Integrity clients: Relax. You're already covered.

Microsoft is recommending that anyone that installed certain August Updates should uninstall them. Any of the following updates should be removed, if they've been installed: 2982791 MS14-045, 2970228, 2975719, and 2975331. 2982791 has been identified as the primary culprit, but the others could contribute to the problem.

You can verify this by clicking on the start button, then control panel, then Windows Update. Choose "View update history" on the left. If you see any of those numbers in your list, then you should click on "Installed Updates" at the top to select each one and choose the "Uninstall" button.

For the latest updates on this issue and instructions from Microsoft on how to repair your PC if you are one of the unlucky ones that now has a non-booting PC, please visit this Microsoft website:

For those of you that use Integrity's Managed IT Services, you do not need to take any action. We have already prevented this issue on thousands of PC's. If you are not an Integrity client and would like to find out more about our proactive Managed Services, please visit our website and contact us.

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