Don't Settle for SIEM When You Can Have Unified Threat Management


Gaining clear visibility into what is happening on your network is necessary to detect the nefarious activities of cybercriminals and to understand your users’ day-to-day activities. Security Incident & Event Management (SIEM) is the solution that can take detection of malicious and anomalous activity to a higher level. SIEM tools have historically been thought of as enterprise or carrier-class products, but as the need for better visibility has expanded to businesses of all sizes, SIEM tools have become less costly and more accessible.

SIEM solutions involve combining event logs from multiple network devices including servers, firewalls, routers, and security applications. Taken individually, the event logs are very cumbersome and difficult to read. By aggregating the logs into a SIEM product, tens of millions of events can be efficiently correlated and analyzed so that meaningful alarms and reports can be generated. In addition, the event logs can be securely retained for future analysis or to address compliance requirements.

SIEM functionality may also be combined with other security services such as regularly scheduled vulnerability scans, ongoing device detection, intrusion detection services (IDS), and real-time emerging threat information (what are the cybercriminals doing and from where). The combination of these services is called Unified Threat Management, or UTM. UTM brings together detailed information about local network activities, with the understanding of the vulnerabilities that presently exist in your environment, and overlaid with visibility into real-time threats. As the name implies, Unified Threat Management brings together the components needed to effectively detect and manage security threats.

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