How to Remember All Your Passwords


Remember a time when we had two or three passwords to remember?  Life was simple.  How many passwords do you have now?  10?  20? 50? 100? 

Most of us have too many passwords to remember.  The result?  We use insecure passwords and we use the same password on multiple sites.  That means that if one of your passwords is stolen, that single password could be the key for an attacker to access all your personal information.  In a technology company like Integrity, we have even more passwords to have to remember.


We all know that we are supposed to use complex passwords and use different passwords on each website, but human beings aren’t built like computers.  We can’t recall all those different passwords.  That results in a call to the helpdesk to reset a password.


What should I do?

  • Use a password manager application like Lastpass or Keepass
  • Use a single password to unlock access to all your other passwords
  • Use the password manager to generate complex and secure passwords for each site you visit
  • Authenticate to the password manager once and let it enter your password on other sites


By using a password manager, you won’t remember every password, but you won’t have to anymore.  You can just remember your master password which will unlock access to all your other secure passwords.  Just make sure you use a strong master password!

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