Do The Right Thing: How We Mitigate Your Bank's Cybersecurity Spending


Is your bank fulfilling its cybersecurity needs? It's an important question, since the answer affects literally everyone associated with your financial firm—from shareholders and customers to entry-level staff members.

At Integrity Technology Solutions, we know cybersecurity can be a bit overwhelming, especially when it comes to figuring out how much of your budget should be allocated to protecting your digital presence in an ever-changing digital landscape. 

Because here's the thing: 

On the one hand, failing to ensure proper cybersecurity leaves you vulnerable to malicious (and expensive) cyber attacks. 

But on the other hand, spending too much on cybersecurity—or not allocating the budget in an optimized way—can lead to wasted dollars and decreased ROI. 


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Let our experienced and passionate team help you strike the ideal balance. Keep reading to find out how we help you leverage your cybersecurity spending and empower your financial institution to make these dollars really count.


4 Ways We Help You Optimize Your Bank's Cybersecurity Spending


1. We Improve Cost-Efficiency 

When you delegate your cybersecurity needs to a team of dedicated professionals, you automatically boost cost-efficiency. You can focus on what you and your team do best while our experienced staff gets to work quickly and thoroughly to enhance your digital safety, keeping you up-to-date every step of the way.

The result? You waste less time, optimize your cybersecurity spending, and still receive high-quality results. Just keep in mind…


2. We Offer Opportunities to Learn 

...At Integrity Technology Solutions, we do "delegation" a little bit differently.

As comfortable as we are in the driver's seat of our clients' IT needs, we also want to help our clients become informed decision-makers about things like cybersecurity. Our employees have our clients' best interest at heart and are available for plenty of formal and informal opportunities for client-centered education.

Our goal? To help you to make sense of the broad world of digital safety and feel more in control over your cybersecurity spending. We're also here to help you become more confident about what your team can manage on your own vs. when to get professional support involved.


3. Increase Access to Latest Advances in Cybersecurity Technology 

Information technology advances quickly. You shouldn't expect yourself to stay current on all the latest innovation and risk mitigation strategies—that's our job...and our joy!

Our expertise allows us to really understand the nuanced world of cybersecurity and provide you with a curated range of services that are a "best fit" for your bank's daily operations, from the innovative Cybersecurity Assessment Tool (CAT) to tiered support levels.

We don't take a cookie cutter approach to IT but instead assess and address your company's specific needs and areas of vulnerability. Not only will this help ensure your bank remains in full regulatory compliance, but it can also elevate brand reputation and customer satisfaction. Plus, you'll feel confident that your cybersecurity spending is purposeful and effective.

We'll also help you automate where appropriate and implement new technologies at the right pace so your team always feels well-prepared. 


4. Collaborate With a Team That Cares

At Integrity Technology Solutions, our team embodies our company values every day. We strive to live up to the "Integrity" aspect of our name and ensure we do the right thing for our financial clients at every opportunity.

Our "Open Book Management" philosophy encourages our employees to hold themselves accountable for their role in boosting efficiency, being there for our clients, and helping the entire company succeed. Knowing that we all have an important role to play makes our job so much more fulfilling!

To help ensure our company values align with your firm's values as well, we'll take the time to really get to know your team—in addition to knowing the ins and outs of the financial industry itself.

Our ultimate aim is to provide you with the opportunity to create a long-standing, trust-based relationship with people who are genuinely passionate about IT so you can have a more holistic awareness of your bank's daily digital operations. 

In fact, the average tenure of our current Integrity employees is more than 8 years—a true testament to our belief that "Relationships Matter" between our team and our clients.


Is it Time to Optimize Your Cybersecurity Spending? 

Cybersecurity spending is well worth the investment—unless it isn't. Take the headache and worry out of your IT budget by contacting Integrity Technology Solutions now at 309.662.7723 or email us at

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