Use Integrity's Learning Center to Build Security Awareness


If your team has Security Awareness, your team has a distinct advantage. Every business should treat data security as a top priority. Because people (even those on your team) pose a great threat to data security, time and effort should be spent trying to prevent it. The best use of that time and effort is Security Awareness training: educating your team on security best practices, what to watch out for, and how to best protect sensitive company data. 

Here is why Integrity's learning center is the ideal location to educate your team about Security Awareness: 

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Learning AND Collaboration

Integrity's Learning and Collaboration Center is a dedicated space for business leaders and community members to come together. Featuring small group opportunities and round tables, you can both learn about Security Awareness and learn how other businesses are approaching data security. There is strength in community and Integrity's Learning and Collaboration Center fosters connections between businesses. As data security is a top issue, it is often a focus at the learning center. Discuss Security Awareness, compare strategies, and arm your team with the knowledge they need to protect data. 

The Perfect Venue 

Integrity's Learning and Collaboration Center is spacious, packed with the latest technology, and customized for its intended use. Set up for presentations and small group study, Integrity's Learning and Collaboration Center is the ideal venue for your team to learn about Security Awareness. It's even available for your company to book for private training sessions. You can make Security Awareness training a collaborative matter and then take things in-house later on. Reserve Integrity's space and you can leverage the high-tech environment to educate your team.

Learn About What Matters 

Learn about the subjects that impact your business the most. In addition to Security Awareness, your team can visit Integrity's Learning and Collaboration Center and get training on general technology, personal development, software applications, finance, leadership, marketing, productivity, communication, and more. Integrity selects topics that make a difference in day-to-day business operations and career success. Continuing education is difficult to find, but Integrity Connects pulls together the training that business teams need most and presents it in a collaborative environment.

Build better Security Awareness at Integrity's Learning and Collaboration Center. With improved awareness, your people will act as a vigilant first line of defense against those hoping to steal company data. By knowing what to watch out for (like phishing, ransomware, and other social engineering attacks) and adhering to strong security best practices (like strong passwords, updated software, and encryption), your team will stand strong against crime. 


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