4 Things That Set Integrity Apart From Other Tech Support Companies


Integrity is a tech support company, but it's also so much more than that. Integrity is a business and technology partner - a true extension of your team. As such, Integrity can offer a number of compelling things that other tech support companies cannot. From experience where it matters to a transparency level that's hard to find anywhere, Integrity stands on its own in a crowded IT support services industry.

Here are some of the things that puts Integrity in its own category: 


1. Experience 

Integrity's team has years of experience in helping businesses of all types with their IT support and technology needs. More than that, Integrity's team is full of professionals with diverse areas of expertise. Whatever unique technology challenges your company is facing, Integrity is equipped to handle them. 

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2. Consulting 

As a business partner and trusted advisor, Integrity has experience helping companies with all aspects of business. In particular, Integrity can not only supply technology services, but can also advise on what a business will need and help build a strategy that will set up a company for future success. 

3. Confidence 

In most IT support sales pitches, the goal is simple: lock in a customer for as many months as possible. While there's nothing inherently wrong with long term contracts, Integrity doesn't do them. Integrity is willing to put their work and results to the test month after month after month, earning your business each time. That's the confidence that Integrity has in its team and services.

4. Transparency 

Integrity practices 'Open Book Management.' That means that Integrity is open with its employees and others about company finances. For partners of Integrity, that should say a lot. Instead of wondering where the pricing for services is coming from or whether employees are treated fairly, you can be assured that the company's work and numbers line up. 


Not all IT support companies are the same. While most companies you find will be able to perform backups, help build your network, and be a source for troubleshooting, no company can match what Integrity brings to the table. When you partner with Integrity, you're getting peerless experience, business consulting, no long-term commitment, and transparency unlike anything you've seen before. Get in touch with Integrity today and see the difference for yourself. 


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