What Cybersecurity Means For Your Business


National Cybersecurity Awareness Month is drawing to a close, but that doesn't mean that the focus should leave cybersecurity. Data security is a topic that impacts every business all of the time. In the last few years, cyber crime and other threats have spiked, leading to an even greater need for protective measures. It's important to know that data security, or, more specifically, a data breach, can affect your business at any time. Because of that, it's critical to constantly evaluate and improve upon your defenses. If your IT department is spread thin, now is the time to partner with a third party IT company (preferably a Managed Security Services Provider) who can help defend your business against threats and help build a security strategy to ensure your company's safety. 

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Everybody thinks 'it'll never happen to me,' until it happens to them. The same applies to businesses and data breaches: few business adequately prepare, thinking that data breaches or hacks or leaks or emergencies are all things that happen to somebody else. Clearly, this line of thinking puts businesses at risk. Most data is not adequately secured and the proper systems aren't in place to detect, prevent, or react to an attack. If businesses wait until data is stolen to address cybersecurity, it's too late. Data loss can carry financial penalties, sanctions, and a complete loss of public/consumer trust. Businesses can't afford to ignore security. Those who do and fall prey to criminals, too often have to close their doors.  

What can you do, today, to help your business? 

Evaluate your current security strategy and best practices. What will you do in the event of a data emergency? Do you have a full Disaster Recovery plan in place? Is it communicated to your staff? How do you detect threats? How do you react? Are your employees equipped with Security Awareness training? As you start to answer these questions, your needs will become clearer. Find a qualified Managed Security Services Provider and request a thorough evaluation. From there, consider a partnership, putting your security into the hands of capable and experienced professionals. Find the right team and you'll be on your way to protecting your sensitive business data. 

While National Cybersecurity Awareness Month is coming to an end, the process of improving how your business protects its data can begin. Evaluate your company's data security and then forge the right partnership. Even if it feels like it 'can't happen to you,' it can: be prepared. Your business data is critical and needs to be protected. 


Use our Data Security Checklist to evaluate your company's security practices: 

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