Why Software Updates Need to Be Part of Your Tech Security Strategy

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Your tech security strategy is going to primarily focus on the big issues. Preventing cyber crime. Disaster Recovery and business continuity. Data storage. The less glamorous, 'housekeeping' tasks often get passed over. But, that's a mistake. Your security strategy has to account for the day to day upkeep that secures your business. For example: software updates. Those annoying alerts that pop up on your computer may seem minor, but they can have a big-time security impact. If your company uses software to do business, it needs to be updated on schedule. Don't leave it to chance - make it a part of your security strategy. Why are software updates so important? Find out below.

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Annoying? Sure. Necessary? YES.

Because software updates come in the form of pop-up alerts, they're seen as an annoyance. If you find yourself reflexively dismissing them, consider what they're there for to begin with. Those annoying alerts are cutting through your workday clutter because they contain important information. Namely, there are important updates that need to be made to your software. Often, this includes critical security patches that are designed to fix vulnerabilities. Patches, like locks on a door, only work when they're applied. If you ignore vital security updates, you're putting your company at risk - unnecessarily. 

Avoiding the Avoidable 

A great deal of cyber crime is unavoidable. It's a digital arms race between those in the security space and cyber criminals. Vulnerable software is avoidable. Companies like Microsoft regularly release critical patches to security vulnerabilities that simply need to be applied. Leaving a software update to collect dust is inviting an avoidable data breach. Make sure that you're avoiding the avoidable and keeping software updated. Make sure that your entire team is doing the same. Any data breach or security failing makes for a bad day. But, when it's something that could have been avoided with better diligence, it's especially disappointing. 

Automatic, Always

Make software updates a part of your weekly work routine. In fact, make software updates a mandatory security practice for your business. Your tech security strategy should include dotting all 'i's and crossing all 't's. That includes keeping software updated, which protects your network. In general, treat security practices like updating software with the gravity that they deserve. They feel like everyday routine actions, but they can have far-reaching consequences for good or for bad. 


Don't let important software security patches go to waste. Make software updates a regular part of your tech security strategy and make sure that your team follows the plan. 


Download this checklist and evaluate your company's tech security strategy:

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