Holiday Spyware on the Rise


Just as you may update your favorite programs and mobile apps for improved features, malware creators are also updating their malware applications to make them more destructive, just in time for the holidays. Santa's naughty list is full of ransomware hackers that want to steal your holiday cash.


As the holidays approach, malware creators know that we will be paying less attention to emails and we may receive more shipping notification emails. We all must continue to practice safe computing habits during the holidays and have a heightened sense of awareness of potential malware and ransomware. There are more computer threats during the holidays than any other time of the year.



If you are not expecting it, then question it!

  • Fedex and UPS will never send you an attachment. Instead, you should open their website separately and type in your tracking number.
  • Credit card companies like American Express will never send you an attachment. Don’t open it.
  • If you receive an email attachment from someone you do not know, do not open it or preview it. Just delete it.
  • Many malware writers send emails that look like they have invoices attached, faxes, voicemails, Dropbox files, or customer complaints to try to encourage you to open them. They are often in a zip file to try to hide. Delete these immediately.
  • Microsoft will never call you personally to help you clean a virus from your computer. Hang up on them.
  • A web page popup will never “notice” that your computer is running slowly and offer to speed it up for you or clean a virus for you. Do not call any phone numbers from a webpage popup offering to clean your PC.
  • If you receive a holiday greeting card via email, even from someone you know, contact them directly by phone to make sure it is legitimate. Many are not, even if it appears to come from someone in your contact list.
  • If a deal sounds too good to be true, it probalby is. Don't click on email links to special coupon offers.


The attackers change the attack every day to attempt to avoid detection and they can be very difficult to spot. The best defense is an informed and alert computer user that avoids infection.


We wish for all of our Managed IT Services clients in Bloomington, Normal, and all of Central Illinois to have a safe and happy Holiday Season!


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