Share These 6 IT Security Stats With Your Team Right Now


Unless your business has been personally affected by a cyber security breach, it can feel like an abstract topic. Sure, you see it in the news, but it won't happen to you, your thinking goes. That's a dangerous mistake to make. The threat of cyber crime is growing and there are several angles that it needs to be examined from. Is your business safe? Is your network secure? Do you have a plan? Even if those questions don't feel relevant now, they can become hyper-relevant in a split-second. 

Below are a handful of statistics that help tell the story of what the current cyber crime climate is like. Make sure you share them with your team:

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1. Millennials aren't concerned with mobile security

According to a survey, 60% of millennial respondents 'aren't concerned about corporate security when they use personal apps instead of corporate apps.' There are now a considerable number of Millennials in the workforce and they see the world differently. While Millennials are tech natives, that can make them overconfident with security. Make sure that you establish policy about personal devices and that all employees take it seriously.

2. Hackers can stay hidden in your network

Microsoft reports that '146' is the median number of days an attacker resides within a network before detection. That stat makes clear how different things have become. There's (hopefully) no way that an intruder could hide out on your physical premises for 146 days without being caught. But, digital is a totally different story. Does your approach to network security account for it? 

3. Employees aren't following policy

One study suggests that 45% of IT personnel ignore their own security policies. Whether that's due to negligence or a lack of awareness, it further illustrates the importance of a strong security policy coupled with effective communication. Make sure your team understands why policy needs to be followed and knows the risk involved when they ignore it. 

4. There are more network entry points than ever

The Internet of Things and increased connectivity is a positive thing ... mostly. For security purposes, each new connected device is another entry point for cyber criminals looking to infiltrate your network and steal your data. 84% of IT professionals surveyed pointed to an increase in entry points as a top concern. Whenever a connected device is accessing your network, make sure that the proper security measures are in place. 

5. The average cost of a data breach is steep

How steep? According to Microsoft, $3.8 million steep. That's steeper than most businesses can afford and it's a statistic worth sharing frequently. Security isn't something that can be brushed aside. A data breach could have a disastrous effect on your business. 

6. Cyber Crime is on the rise

In 2016, cyber crime affected 32% of companies. Clearly, data security needs to be a top priority. Unfortunately, too many businesses ignore it until it's too late. Share this stat with your team and make sure that everyone understands how prevalent the risk is. The time to beef up security and spread security awareness is before an attack happens. 

Make sure that these IT security stats don't get swept under the rug. Each member of your team needs to know what the current state of IT security looks like. Armed with better information, your team can make smarter security decisions and can assist your company's efforts to stay secure. 




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